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SFC has longstanding partnerships with many food suppliers from large stores including Target and Lucky’s, to regional food banks that donate in-­kind food. This year, we started rescuing food from Costco, Trader Joe’s and several USC fraternities.

Last fiscal year, SFC rescued almost $2.6 million of food.

Last year as the City of Los Angeles rolled out its new RecycleLA program, SFC was one of the first food recovery agencies to forge partnerships with three of the city’s seven waste haulers. Our advocacy work with the LA Food Policy Council was instrumental in creating a citywide approach to waste management that included food waste reduction, composting and food recovery. In the past six months we have partnered with 10 new businesses and recovered an additional 332,454 pounds of food. In addition to rescuing more quality food SFC can utilize through our programs and keeping our food purchasing costs down, this new partnership has positive environmental effects by diverting waste from landfills and reducing greenhouse gases.

SFC Goes Green!

As of February 2018, SFC stopped using plastic and styrofoam products for our daily served meal programs and became the first homeless service provider, to our knowledge, to begin using plant-based compostable tableware, utensils and cups provided at a discounted rate by our partner Vegware. We also will begin composting our excess food in the near future and will implement community-based outreach programs to educate our community and guests on the importance of composting, recycling and minimizing food waste.

St. Francis Center has been providing programs and services for homeless and extremely low-income individuals and families in Los Angeles for over 45 years. Our daily meal and pantry programs are made possible thanks to numerous in –kind food donations from local community partners.

Join our growing list of local business partners who have committed to reducing food waste and feeding those in need. Contact the development department at 213.747.5347 x.100 or for more information.

Join our team and serve up hope at St. Francis Center by donating or volunteering today.