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Aimee Fabila

Resource Coordinator

Aimee is our Resource Coordinator. Aimee was born in Los Angeles but raised in Mexico City. She graduated with honors from Cal State Dominguez Hills with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Before working at SFC, Aimee was working as a full-time Infant Specialist with Optima Family Services, which offers programs to families with special needs. She is currently working with Optima part-time. Aimee decided to work at SFC because she loves helping people. One of her strengths is being empathetic towards others, and she is excited to bring this skill to the role. What most appealed to Aimee about the center was the opportunity to empower the people in her community, and provide them with the tools necessary to build better lives. In her free time, Aimee likes to scrapbook, color, ride go-karts, and spend time with her son! x.101