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Cesar Saldana

Temporary Resource Services Assistant

Cesar was born and raised in the South Bay (Lennox, Ca and Inglewood, Ca). He attended California State University of Dominguez Hills where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. He worked full time at REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) in Manhattan Beach, Ca. He is a Ski and Bike mechanic and also works on the retail sales side among many other things. He also teaches classes on bike maintenance. He is excited to share his enthusiasm for helping others in order to foster a feeling of social agency through support and a positive outlook on the prospects of life. In his free time, Cesar loves being in nature and do many sports that allow him to enjoy it. Rock climbing outdoors, mountain biking, and hiking are his favorites. He also loves to spend time with his two dogs (Emma and Ruby), play guitar, and go on long drives through mountain roads when he has free time. x.105