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Low Income Family Kids Summer Camp Downtown Los Angeles


Youth Summer Camp Program

Every summer, St. Francis Center sends children of the extremely low-income families we serve through our pantry services to camp.

St. Francis Center’s goal is to send 235 disadvantaged youth to overnight, weeklong and day summer camps and provide them with enriching activities during the summer. We are partnering with the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles to send about 50 youth ages 9-17 to their Camp Bob Waldorf. Historically, we also have provided camp for youth as young as 7 years old. Our goal is to send about 30 youth, ages 7-9, to Camp Whittle as this camp accommodates younger campers.

SFC provides everything needed for children to attend the Youth Summer Camp Program, including camp fees, required medical-exam fees, proper clothing (sweatshirts and jackets), toiletries, camp supplies (sleeping bags, flashlights, batteries, towels, sun block, bug spray, and unscented lip balm), and transportation. Every child who goes to summer camp also receives a backpack filled with school supplies so he or she will be prepared to start the school year.

These programs leave a lasting impression on our youth by connecting them with nature and new experiences that build self-esteem, spur personal growth, and open their eyes to new opportunities and a brighter future.

Read our summer camp newsletter here and find out how you can sponsor a camper today!

Youth Programs Downtown Los Angeles
Low Income Family Kids Summer Camp Downtown Los Angeles

2019 Summer Camp Offerings:

Off-site camps (overnight, weeklong):

  • 10-day: Camp Bob Waldorf, Glendale
  • 7-day: Camp Whittle, Big Bear


On-site camp:

  • 4-day cooking camp


Field trips:

  • Beach day
  • Los Angeles museums

Fun Summer Camp 2015

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