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Youth Summer Camp Program

Our goal is to remain true to our history of providing fun and meaningful camps that encourage creativity and personal growth, while developing new skills.

We firmly believe in the educational and personal value of summer camps for school-aged children. Summer camp offers our pantry program families the chance to give their children access to activities that keep kids active throughout summer and build up their self-confidence. We are working hard to get our summer camp schedule ready to go. Please check back regularly for updates and if you have any questions please email our Programs team at

YAY (Youth Achievement Year) Program

A year long whole health & wellness program for youth ages 13-17. 

Youth will participate in various activities in order to connect with their own well-being and learn hard and soft skills. Topics include college prep, financial literacy, art, cooking, and more! 

Interested in learning more? Please email our Programs team at

Youth Summer Camp Programs


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