Introducing SFC’s Newest Project ~ St. Francis of Assisi Mural!

Our St. Francis of Assisi mural will be painted on the outside wall of St. Francis Center for everyone in our community to enjoy. It will vibrantly display our Franciscan values, depicting powerful actions of compassion, service, and gratitude. SFC staff and guests will work together to design and paint this message of love in our community. Brother Victor was inspired to create this mural with the hope of bringing the SFC community together to collaborate on a statement that is uniquely ours.

Read Brother Victor’s interview below to learn more!

How long have you been a chaplain?

I have been a Chaplain here at St. Francis Center for about seven months. I have been helping SFC with the Mission Integration and ministry support Province of the St. Barbara.

What inspired you to begin this project?

St. Francis of Assisi’s love and care for creation inspired me to begin this project along with the programs and services provided by SFC. The idea was to have a new art mural on our wall that can symbolize our mission and legacy. Love for the poor was a central theme in the life of St Francis of Assisi. His devotion to God was expressed through his love for all of God’s creation including animals and the environment.  It is my intention to honor his life’s impact. As a Franciscan friar, I also want to bring awareness to societal issues with poverty. The idea is to have our mural make our building more attractive, beautiful, and spiritual, attracting those who need our assistance.  

Who is this Mural for?

Our new mural is for all who come across it. It’s a way to identify our center and to promote the mission integration of the Franciscan Friars of the St. Barbara Province. A visible expression of SFC’s legacy of “Serving Hope” that we are carrying on. 

What are your hopes for somebody who comes across this mural?

My hope is that people can notice the message in the mural of St. Francis showing his compassion by giving bread to the poor and people receiving the bread from St. Francis with gratitude. I hope that people who come across this mural can read a message of hope, love, peace, welcoming, and St Francis’ philosophy. I hope that our guests can see that we are here not only to provide food, but also to build a community and a place to share and lift the spirits of each other. I hope that the community can find a place of solace at our center.

What do you think the impact of this mural will be?

I hope our new mural can positively impact the lives of our guests and the community. This is a monumental opportunity to motivate our guests and continue to inspire them to use their talents and gifts towards something meaningful. My ultimate goal is to generate more opportunities for artists who are committed to working collaboratively in our communities to create public art murals and visual arts that address homelessness. Being a way for our guests to utilize their skills and prepare them for future professional artistic endeavors.

Any other information you wanted to share?

Our guests have communicated to me that they want to make our building more artistic, while simultaneously expressing their gratitude for their services they receive here in St. Francis Center. Those experiencing homelessness can provide an insightful look into their experiences using creativity as an outlet. In turn, connections can be made, meaningful relationships can be built and their stories can be told.

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