Meet SFC’s Newest Intern ~ Michelle!

Meet Michelle!

Please help us welcome our new fall programs intern, Michelle! She is currently going to school at East Los Angeles College and studying Biology. Michelle will be interning with us on Saturdays, assisting with data entry and helping us run the brunch and pantry programs!

Please keep reading to get to know Michelle!

Tell us more about your background.

I was born and raised in Lynwood, CA. Originally, I come from a family of four: parents, sister and I. With the addition of my nephew a couple years ago, we are now a family of five. I go to school at East Los Angeles College and am studying Biology.

Where have you worked?

I’ve worked at Macy’s as a Seasonal Sales Associate. At Lynwood Unified School District, I work as a Special Education Tutor during the summer. Throughout their school year,  I regularly work as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Tutor and also do subbing as an Instructional Assistant for kids with  Special Needs.

How did you hear about SFC?

My best friend referred this opportunity to me, she thought the internship would suit me well and encouraged me to apply.

“SFC treats and serves people with dignity and respect… It’s a place of love, hope and progress.”

Why did you want to intern here? What specific skills are you excited to bring to your position at SFC?

Serving members of my community is really important to me and SFC does just that. Experiencing the vibrancy of the programs when in motion has been really unique and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. The staff has been very welcoming and always willing to lend a hand. I’m a good team player which is important for this position because SFC requires a lot of constant communication with one another to keep the program running. I am always ready and willing to give assistance where it’s needed.

What about our mission appeals to you?

SFC treats and serves people with dignity and respect. Individuals who are usually marginalized and aren’t able to access basic necessities due to economic barriers, can get those basic necessities here. It’s a place of love, hope and progress.

What are your favorite pastimes?

Roller Skating at the beach, random night drives, swimming or spending time with my nephew or my dogs Corey (cocker spaniel) and Guava (chihuahua mixed with I’m not sure what).

What is your hope for the future of SFC and our community?

I hope SFC continues to provide the help necessary to alleviate the lives of those in the LA community.  I hope members of our community are filled with empowerment and strength which will hopefully guide them to take actions that will improve their life.

Help us welcome Michelle! Email to sign up and volunteer with us!

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