Meet SFC’s Newest Staff Member ~ Abril!

Meet Abril!

Please help us welcome our new Top Tamale Program Assistant, Abril! Abril volunteered with St. Francis Center for 5 years, helping out with our pantry and senior pantry programs! Now she will be helping to run our 9th-Annual Top Tamale Fundraiser, and will be bringing your delicious tamales to you when you pick them up at the center! 

Please keep reading to get to know Abril!

Tell us more about your background.

Hi, my name is Abril Ojeda. I’m 28 yrs. old. I was born in Mexico, Guanajuato. My mother brought me to live in Los Angeles, CA when I was 2 ½ yrs. old. The majority of my life I grow up in South Central LA. I went to school in Los Angeles, Ca. I graduated high and I went to LATTC for photography. but I had to stop going because my father got hurt in his job. He injured his back. So I had to start working full time at my job.

Where did you work before SFC?

Before working in SFC I was a volunteer for 5 years. I started to volunteer in the pantry area, then I volunteer in the program for senior pantry. And I fell in love with the seniors. That’s where I stayed.

How did you hear about SFC?

One day when I was coming out of my class to go home. I saw people lined up, and I asked, “Why are you guys lined up for?’’ A lady told me it was for groceries. That SFC was giving them to people in the community in need.

What are some of your favorite pastimes?

My favorite pastime is to take pictures and to help my community.

What is your hope for the future of SFC and the community?

My hope for SFC is to help more people in my community. Also for SFC to get more donors. So SFC can help other people in need. My hope for my community is for people in my community to reach to each other and help themselves.

Help us welcome Abril! Order your delicious holiday tamales today!

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