Remembering Helen Payne

In Memory of Helen Mary Payne

(January 27, 1920 – November 17, 2017)

Left: Former Board Member Karl Holtsnider, Middle: Helen Payne, Right: SFC Supporter Kathy Holtsnider

Today we honor Helen Payne, 97, one of St. Francis Center’s founders who passed away on Friday, November 17, 2017.

Helen’s passion in life was helping the less fortunate. She met Fr. Hugh Noonan, another founder of SFC, when she attended a Third Order Meeting. Their vision of Serving Hope to the poor came alive when the doors to St. Francis Center opened.

In the early stages of the center, she sought out donations of coffee, doughnuts, and other food from local bakers and neighborhood stores to distribute to the homeless. Later, Helen served as the center’s treasurer, and was active on the board of directors for many years. She was also an active volunteer, volunteering throughout our 45-year history.

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