SFC’s Guest Spotlight ~ Aubrey!

SFC’s Guest Spotlight ~ Aubrey!
SFC’s Guest Spotlight ~ Aubrey!

Aubrey started coming to SFC this past March, hoping to receive assistance in finding housing, as he had been experiencing homelessness since 2000. Working with our resource specialists through our case management services, we connected him with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. Within three months, he was housed in a new apartment. His journey in finding housing “was wonderful,” and he wants to thank the entire SFC staff for their role in assisting him in his long journey.

“St. Francis Center means the world to me. I’ve always felt very welcome and was never turned away, no matter what.”

Aubrey is feeling great in his new apartment, and “actually feels happy now.” He is working on moving his belongings from storage and is working on getting his car set up.

Aubrey is now currently going back to school. He is also volunteering at various organizations, including St. Francis Center, because he wants to start giving back and loves to help others.

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