St. Francis Center Awarded General Mills Grant!

St. Francis Center is one of General Mills’ 2019 Food Recovery Champions! The program aims to expand surplus food recovery in the U.S. and Canada for greater social and environmental impact.

Last year was a record-breaking year for SFC regarding the amount of food we rescued and used to feed our guests in need. We rescued 1.5 million pounds of food which allowed us to provide 100,000 homeless meals (more than double what we were serving six years ago) and over 22,000 grocery visits to families struggling with food insecurity – that’s more than ever in our 47-year history!

St. Francis Center is one of just a handful of organizations who will be awarded a grant through General Mills advance our work in surplus food recovery and redistribution. Read the full news release here!

We are in need of volunteers!

Available shifts:

– Wednesday, July 3: Breakfast (7:00-9:30am, 5 volunteers)

– Wednesday, July 3: Pantry (9:30am-12:30pm, 2 volunteers)

– Friday, July 5: Breakfast (7:00-9:30am, 10 volunteers)

If you are interested in Serving Hope, contact Danielle, or 213.747.5347 x 111.

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