2nd-Annual Legacy Day

On Tuesday, we celebrated our 2nd-Annual Legacy Day at St. Francis Center!

Staff in groups discussing Legacy Day focus: Those Who Serve

The purpose of Legacy Day is to set aside time each year where the entire staff of each ministry:

  • Stops to recall our Franciscan heritage and responsibility for carrying the legacy forward for the benefit of society.
  • Engages in a shared experience to build community within to help all understand we are part of a greater whole.
  • Focuses on developing a deeper understanding of a single aspect of our tradition.

There are twelve characteristics of a Franciscan Ministry, and this year our focus was on Those Who Serve.

Our staff participated in a group discussion (6 feet apart of course) where we reflected on how we individually deliver support to our guests using this Franciscan charism. Groups discussed what it meant to be ministers of peace, how to treat everyone with equal respect and operate under the presumption that everyone desires the good.

Thank you to Brother Victor who led the discussion, and to all of the staff who participated!

Brother Victor leading an individual group discussion.

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