FEED THE NEED – Help Support SFC’s COVID-19 Response

You can help support those most in need.

Here at SFC, we are proactively getting ready to ramp up operations, while maintaining the health and safety of all. We have modified our programs in order to continue to make St. Francis Center a safe environment for our staff, the few volunteers we still have, and the guests we serve. You can read more about our modified programs and health protocol here

We will be here to serve our community in need for as long as we are able, but to do that we need your support. Please consider donating to St. Francis Center and our immediate needs services that are critical to maintaining the health and hygiene of our most vulnerable guests.

Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, we have been seeing side effects at the Center and the need for your support is even greater. 

* Specifically, since we have experienced a large dropoff in volunteers, our management team will be hiring temporary program support and an additional security guard to help support our small staff of 14. 

* We are not seeing a dropoff in the amount of our food donations yet, which we use to feed our guests in need through our breakfast and pantry services. We may need to purchase more food in the future to keep up with the current demand for food. 

*We have not seen any dropoff in guests from our current programs, in fact, our homeless breakfast program and pantry programs are averaging higher than normal amounts.

*We are also anticipating that because we are able to remain open, we will see an additional increase of people in need being referred to our services from partner agencies and word of mouth.


Any amount you can give will help us continue to serve our community to the best of our ability. 

We will keep you posted with any updates, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our executive director, Marianne Kulikov, at marianne@sfcla.org or 213-747-5347.

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