Remembering Elliott Ryder

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Today we remember Elliott Ryder, a strong supporter of St. Francis Center for seven years. Elliott passed away at the age of 89 after a courageous battle against illness. We thank Elliott for her years of dedication to St. Francis Center, her memory will live on through those we serve.

Elliott Ryder, a longtime supporter of St. Francis Center.

Elliott was a longtime LAUSD elementary school teacher and, later, volunteer at the LASD Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, passed away after a courageous battle against illness. She was 89, and the daughter of Marion and John Ryder, of Riverdale area, Bronx, NY. Elliott was the last living of her siblings, predeceased by her parents, her brother Ferd, then sister Ruth, and brother John C. Ryder. Elliott grew up in N.Y.C. Graduating from the University of Michigan, she entered into the field of education, later obtaining her Master of Education degree at Columbia University. During the early ’50s, she and 4 friends worked for several years in postwar France, providing instruction at US Army posts. Back in the US, Elliott initially taught in San Diego, and moved north to L.A, to teach in Los Angeles city schools, notably at Norwood St. Elementary. After retirement, she was involved in offering religious counseling assistance, as a Lay-Chaplain to inmates at the Women’s Central Jail in Lynwood. Elliott was a frequent donor to, and participant in, many beneficial social, environmental, and women’s groups, as well as her Episcopal Church affiliation, All Saints in Pasadena. 

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