SFC Donor Spotlight ~ SynerMed!

SFC would like to thank SynerMed for contributing $10,180 this year!

A few SynerMed employees at a recent Jeans Day!

As part of SynerMed’s commitment to social responsibility, SynerMed encourages it employees to support local charities by donating $1 every Friday and in exchange they are allowed to wear jeans for a day.

“Giving to St. Francis Center and other charities is important,” said James Mason, President and Chief Executive Officer at SynerMed. “It changes the lives of people living in our community.  It makes our community a better place.”

SynerMed matches every dollar that employees donate to help assist charitable organizations that support disadvantaged families and children living in the communities it serves.

“We are so grateful to have the support of SynerMed and their employees. It’s inspiring to see our corporate partners actively play a role in combating homelessness and poverty in their communities,” said Jose Ramirez, St. Francis Center’s executive director.

To find out how your company can help support St. Francis Center, please visit www.sfcla.org.

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