St. Francis Center Awarded CalRecyle Grant!

St. Francis Center Awarded Cal Recycle Grant!


Last year as the City of Los Angeles rolled out its new RecycleLA program, SFC was one of the first food recovery agencies to forge partnerships with three of the city’s seven waste haulers. Our advocacy work with the LA Food Policy Council was instrumental in creating a citywide approach to waste management that included food waste reduction, composting and food recovery.  In the past six months we have partnered with 10 new businesses and recovered an additional 170,000 pounds of food. In addition to rescuing more quality food SFC can utilize through our programs and keeping our food purchasing costs down, this new partnership has positive environmental effects by diverting waste from landfills and reducing greenhouse gases.

St. Francis Center is one of just a handful of LA organizations who will be awarded a grant through CalRecycle to help us increase our food recovery efforts, diverting perfectly good food from landfills to feed more of our homeless and low-income guests in need. Read the full news release here!


Donate in support of our new food recovery efforts through the recycleLA Program!

The grant covers the purchase of a new vehicle, and partial wages for a driver, but your donation can help cover extra costs like gas, vehicle maintenance, etc.

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